The 4th Annual Farmhouse Fest Invitational

July 7th
UBC Farm

Beer & Cider

Farmhouse Fest specializes in the funky, the fruity, the estery, the tart, the dry, and the sour. Here are this year’s participating vendors.

  • The Ale Apothecary (OR)

    • OJ Dan aged in Bulleit whiskey barrels and finished with orange juice and orange peel, 7.9%
    • Perismmon La Tache conditioned with red sour cherry juice, 7.8%
    • Ryesin rye ale aged in wine and marsala barrels with rose hips and currants, 8.75%
    • Vamonos funky lactobacillus ale conditioned with red sour cherry juice, 5.6%
  • Alesong Brewing & Blending (OR)

    • Pêche barrel aged mixed culture ferment with peaches, 6.9%
    • Touch of Brett dry hopped oak-aged french-style brett saison, 7.7%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Anchorage Brewing (AK)

    • Easy Evil Saison fermented in oak tanks with two strains of brett and aged on black raspberries, 8%
    • The Ghosts In Their Eyes Brett IPA with citra and galaxy hops fermented in oak tanks with a Belgian yeast and two strains of brettanomyces, 8%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Aslan Brewing (WA)

    • Frances Farmer rustic foudre-aged saison, 5.8%
    • High Plains Drifter table brett ale aged in oak and finished with Motueka, 5.4%
    • Justice Temple three grain saison barrel-fermented saison in single use Red Mountain wine barrels, 5.5%
    • A Study of Dreams a blend of mixed culture ales aged in French oak for up to 12 months. 5.8%
  • Atwood Ales (WA)

    • Grange Bretta 8 month conditioned malty saison finished with three brett strains, 6.2%
    • Stinging Mo's saison with foraged nettle and Tettnang hops, 6.8%
    • A Tinge of the Ginge saison brewed with Red X malt, ginger, and turmeric, 6.3%
    • Triticale Brett Saison 100% Skagit valley malted wheat and triticale farmhouse ale with brett, 7.5%
  • Beerthirst (BC)

    • Pouring:
    • Aslan Brewing
    • Atwood Ales
    • Modern Times
  • Bellwoods Brewery (ON)

    • Come What May crisp hop-forward brett saison with rustic grains, collaboration with De La Senne (BE), 5.8%
    • Farmageddon (Cabernet Sauvignon) pre-release barrel-aged wild ale with Niagara Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes, 6.5%
    • Farmageddon (Cherry) barrel-aged wild ale with Niagara Montmorency Cherries, 6.5%
    • Motley Cru (Black Raspberry 2018) anniversary blend of sour, brett, and wild ales from both foudres and barrels, 6.2%
    • White Picket Fence (Batch 2) 6 month foeder-conditioned multigrain ale blended with fresh saison, 6.4%
  • Sidería Bereziartua (ES)

    • Bereziartua blend of wild Txalaka, Urtebia, Judeline and Judor apples fermented in wood and steel, 6%
    • Pouring at:
    • Txotx Imports
  • Blood Brothers Brewing (ON)

    • Fall of Thebes (Cherry) funky ale aged in red wine barrels and conditioned with pressed Montmorency sour cherry skins and juice, 7.5%
    • Paradise Lost (Guava) golden sour ale refermented with heaps of Guava nectar, 6%
    • Paraponera mixed culture brett wheat ale aged on over 400lbs apricot puree, collaboration with Escarpment Labs (ON), 4.3%
    • Watts Truce 100% Brett Ferment blended with golden sour ale, 6.5%
    • Were Cat Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sour Brown Ale with lactose, 8.7%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Bomber Brewing (BC)

    • Liquid Sunshine tart brett pale ale with Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, Amarillo, and Ella, 6%
    • Lychee Saison saison refermented on lychee, 5.7%
    • Rock Melon Gose gose refermented with cantaloupe, 4.8%
  • Boneyard Beer (OR)

    • Funky Bunch wild ale brewed with raspberry, 6%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Brassneck Brewing (BC)

    • Batch 1000 Brassneck 1000-brew celebration beer, barrel-aged mixed culture from Bootleg Biology, 6%
    • Batch 1000 (Gooseberry) festival-exclusive variant conditioned on gooseberries, 6%
    • It's Complicated barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned brett cuvée, 6%
  • Brekeriet (SE)

    • Berliner Spazz berlinerweisse with passionfruit, 5.3%
    • Purple Rain sour wheat ale with blackcurrants and passionfruit, 5.3%
    • Pouring at:
    • Westbier Imports
  • Burdock (ON)

    • Auko dark ale soured with lacto and pedio and aged in mixed barrels with Raspberries, Sour Cherries and Cab Franc skins, 9.1%
    • Bumo (Version IV) 20% Cab Franc, 40% barrel aged saison on cab franc skins, 40% barrel aged saison on cab franc lees, 8.1%
    • ERO II a blend of up to 1.5 year old wine barrel aged saisons fruited with generous amounts of Montmorency sour cherries and Ontario sea buckthorn berries, 7.5%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Brasserie Cantillon (BE)

    • Iris dry-hopped sour ale produced using only pale-ale type malt (no wheat), 5%
    • Rosé de Gambrinus lambic blended with raspberry, 5%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Cedar Cider (BC)

    • Dry Sprig 20 month aged wild ferment using 100% traditional cider apples, including Dabinett, Winesap & golden russet. Light Brett and a touch of malolactic ferment, 7.5%
    • Perry Pear 3 varieties of 100% organic perry pear wild fermented directly in bourbon barrel, 7.5%
    • Blackberry Bourbon Wild organic blackberry oxidative co-ferment with bittersharp cider varietals, 7%
    • Apple Jack Sharp dessert apples aged for 20 months in jack daniels barrels, 7.5%
  • Central City Brewers & Distillers (BC)

    • Coast 2 Coast saison with ancient grains and sunflower seeds, collaboration with 2 Crows Brewing (NS), 6.6%
    • Pineapple Evolution two year foudre-aged sour amber ale with mixed cultures and pineapple, 8.5%
    • Red Rivers of Rye lightly tart rye saison, collaboration with Blindman Brewing (AB), 6.5%
  • Coalesce Brewing (BC)

    • Foreword Reserve Foreword aged 8 additional months in barrels, 6.2%
    • Salary Man Chardonnay barrel-aged Bière de Miel, 6.8%
    • Time Takes Everything historical tart biere de garde brewed with charred squash, 7.6%
    • To the Wind mixed-culture oak-aged ale brewed with Pinot Noir grapes, 6.8%
  • Collective Arts (ON)

    • Prophets & Nomads gose with Himalayan salt, 4.5%
    • Mash Up The Jam sour ale hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Vic Secret, 4.5%
    • Also Pouring:
    • Wild Beer Co.
  • Copper & Theory (BC)

    • Pouring:
    • Alesong
    • Anchorage
    • Burdock
    • Cantillon
    • Engine No. 9
    • Gigantic
    • Holy Mountain
    • pFriem
    • Revel Cider
    • Stillwell
    • Tilquin
    • Upright
  • Crux Fermentation Project (OR)

    • [BANISHED] In The Pocket red wine barrel-aged rustic saison blended with fresh saison, 9.9%
    • [BANISHED] Wild Farmhouse one off barrel-aged sour ale, 7.5%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Dageraad Brewing (BC)

    • Brett en Blanc Belgian-style witbier aged on Imperial Yeast Suburban Brett for 6 months, 5.5%
    • Bright Side tart table saison brewed with lemon zest and juice and hopped with Styrian Celeia and Citra, 4.5%
    • Entropy 6 barrel-aged Belgian-style blonde ale fermented with our house brett-forward mixed-culture, 8%
    • Entropy 8 gin barrel table beer with brett Clausenii, 5%
    • Genever gin barrel-aged saison, Farmhouse Fest 2018 official collaboration with Steel & Oak (BC) and Odd Society Spirits (BC), 7.1%
    • Preamble mixed culture dry-hopped saison, collaboration with Coalesce (BC), 6.4%
  • Brasserie Dieu du Ciel (QC)

    • Fun Fou! hop-forward sour ale, 6.5%
    • Solstice d'Eté (Framboise) raspberry berliner weisse, 5.9%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Brasserie Dunham (QC)

    • Assemblage #3 A multi-ale blend aged in both Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon barrels with brett, 6.3%
    • Duel American Wild Ale, collaboration with À La Fût (QC), 5.6%
    • Funk des Soviets wild ale conditioned on second-use seabuckthorns, 5%
    • Oro Zuur Mosaic Batch #5 barrel aged sour with Mosaic, 5.5%
    • La Orange De Dunham Mixed-fermentation flanders red aged in red wine barrels, 6.5%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Engine House No. 9 (WA)

    • Amitie farmhouse ale aged in red wine barrels on multiple brett strains, 6.7%
    • Golden Berry sour funky multi-barrel blend infused with golden raspberries, 5.9%
    • Petite Belle Grisette traditional grisette, 4.1%
    • Le Visiteur Sour ale with nectarberries and blackberries, collaboration with Trois Dames (CH), 5.7%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Field House Brewing (BC)

    • Cuvee Blanc Farmhouse mixed culture ale conditioned on 300lbs Pinot Noir pomace, 8.5%
    • Foudre-Aged Brett IPA hop-forward 5-strain brett ale, 8%
    • Wild Chardonnay wild ale mixed-culture hybrid brewed with dried flowers, 7.8%
    • Flemish Red traditional Belgian-style red sour, 7.3%
  • Four Winds Brewing (BC)

    • Meli Farmhouse ale brewed with hay, pollen, and honey, 6.5%
    • La Maison Dry table saison brewed with oats, rye, and Brett Trois, 4.5%
    • Norwegian Wood kveik yeast fermented ale aged in French oak barrels with Brett Clausenii and Enigma hops, 6.2%
    • Pluum sour Mirabelle & Damson plum foudre-aged ale brewed with elderberry and salt, 6.7%
    • Pomona Okanagan red wine barrel-aged sour wheat ale with apricot and nectarine, 5.5%
  • Gigantic Brewing Co. (OR)

    • Fantastic Voyage oak barrel-aged mixed fermentation Brett Saison, 6.6%
    • Phuket: It's Not That Far From Laos Saison with Jasmine rice, palm sugar, and Makrut lime, collaboration with Jolly Pumpkin(MI), 6%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Graft Cider (NY)

    • Farm Flor barrel-aged brett cider blend, collaboration with Other Half (NY), 6.9%
    • Where Secrets Lie wild-fermented cider with hibiscus, lavender, and sea salt, 6.9%
    • Pouring at:
    • Txotx Imports
  • Halcyon Barrel House (ON)

    • Infinity Mirror hop-forward ale with Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin and Centennial fermented with brett and aged in red wine barrels, 6.5%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Holy Mountain (WA)

    • Dangerous Meeting Belgian dark strong ale fermented with brett and 1yr aged in Port barrels, collaboration with Other Half (NY), 10.2%
    • Fellowcraft wine Barrel Aged Brett Pale Ale, collaboration with The Masonry (WA), 5.5%
    • The Hart Brett saison fermented and barrel-aged neutral wine barrels and hopped with Loral and French Strisselspalt, 6%
    • Minor Planet Oak Aged Brett Pale hopped and dry-hopped with Citra and HBC 472, 5.2%
    • The Goat rustic brett saison, brewed with barley, rye, oats, and wheat, and heavily hopped with European hops, 4.9%
    • Syrah Sacrament blend of wheat-based beers fermented in oak with house wild cultures with Syrah grapes, 8.5%
  • Sidrería Larraldea (ES)

    • Larraldea Sagardo Naturala wild apple blend including Jesus' organic heirloom varieties, 6%
    • Pouring at:
    • Txotx Imports
  • Luppolo Brewing (BC)

    • Albiccochina barrel-aged sour with apricot, 6%
    • Sneak Preview early preview of a rustic barrel-aged farmhouse ale in collaboration with Brassneck, Coalesce, and Temporal (BC), 5%
    • Barrel Blend festival-exclusive blend of barrel-aged rustic saisons with a mixture of Brett, Lacto and Saison strains, 6%
    • Tart Wild Ale with Plum house lacto/Brett Clausenii cultured sour plum ale, 5.4%
  • Modern Times Beer (CA)

    • Asteroid Cowboy soured brett ale aged in wine barrels with soursop, tangerine, and dragonfruit, 8%
    • Elemental Magic (Mexican guava, Pineapple, Kiwi) tart saison blend with fruit, 6.1%
    • New Atlantis funky blend of wine barrel-aged saisons, 7.5%
    • Transit of Venus (Sauvignon Blanc) funky rye grisette fermented on grape must and finished with Hallertau Blanc and Citra, 6.2%
  • Moon Brewery & Pub (BC)

    • Farmhouse Gruit farmhouse gruit with cranberry and rosemary, 7.3%
    • Oud King Crow dark sour aged in oak barrels, 9%
    • Table Saison table beer with rosehip and lemon peel, 4%
  • NOMAD Cider (BC)

    • Bourbon Barrel Wild Okanagan & Similkameen cider, heritage and dessert varietals aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, 6.9%
    • Pinot Noir Wild Barrel Ferment aged in neutral French oak barrels previously filled with Pinot Noir, 6.7%
    • Sparkling Sidra Asturian-style acidic blend of cider and heirloom apples aged on oak, 6.5%
  • Parallel 49 Brewing (BC)

    • Berry Smoothie mixed-culture sour ale with blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and finised with lactose, 6.7%
    • Blue Shift 1yr barrel-aged sour finished on Washington state blueberries, 7%
    • Cherry Refraction mixed culture French oak barrel-aged saison conditioned on second use Lapin cherry, 7%
    • Fabulous Friends oak barrel-aged mixed culture ale refermented with peaches, 7.2%
    • Late Bloomer 6 month barrel-aged mixed-culture sour refermented on Lapin cherry from Naramata, 7%
    • Mad Fermentationist barrel-aged mixed culture brett saison, 6.2%
  • Persephone Brewing (BC)

    • Amber Farmhouse Ale brett amber ale, 6.5%
    • Multigrain Saison farmhouse saison brewed with barley, wheat, rye, oats, corn, and rice. 6%
    • Orange Ginger Saison DuPont yeast saison with fresh orange zest, fresh ginger, and Pink Boots hop blend, 5%
  • Powell Brewery (BC)

    • Flower Shop Saison (Vermouth) saison brewed with chamomile, aged in Vermouth barrels with brett bruxellensis, 6.5%
    • La Belle 18 month gin barrel-aged sour farmhouse ale, 8.3%
    • Stupid Sexy Flanders 36 month aged 100% barrel-fermented flanders red, 6.4%
  • Quebrada del Chucao (CL)

    • Brut Cider cider made with apples from Araucania orchards in Southern Chile, finished with the traditional méthode champenoise, 7.5%
    • Sidra Espumante Brut Nature cider made with apples from Araucanía orchards in Southern Chile, refermented in the bottle, 7.8%
    • Pouring at:
    • Txotx Imports
  • pFriem Family Brewers (OR)

    • Abrikoos three pounds of fresh apricots per gallon of our Lambic inspired ale, 5.4%
    • Bosbessen fresh blueberries with a barrel-aged lambic-style ale, 6%
    • Frambozen Lambic-inspired ale with fresh raspberries, 5.7%
    • Pruim fruit-forward Lambic-inspired ale with a modern plummy twist, 6.3%
  • Ravens Brewing (BC)

    • Contemporary Gose classic gose base with bergamot, 4.5%
    • French Saison classic French saison with szechuan peppercorns, 5.8%
    • Wild Nelson wild ale dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, 6.5%
  • Revel Cider (ON)

    • Highpoint spontaneously fermented cider aged on second use cab franc skins from Burdock Brewery, not Gluten Free, 6.9%
    • Little Rascal 50% spontaneously fermented cider and 50% Brett fermented Perry, partially aged on cab franc skins and barrel aged in Napa Chardonnay barrels with raspberries, collab with Bar Volo (ON), not Gluten Free, 6.5%
    • Mithras 1 year old spontaneously fermented cider with nectarines, vanilla beans, blended with perry, 6.9%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Steel & Oak Brewing (BC)

    • Agnes Mixed-culture saison bottle conditioned with brett, 6.1%
    • Complicated Things barrel-fermented pilsner, 5.0%
    • Henley bread ale fermented with sourdough yeast, 5.7%
    • Secretariat Saison with guava bottle conditioned with brett, 5.9%
  • Strange Fellows Brewing (BC)

    • Berliner Geist (Fellowship) barrel-aged berliner weisse, 4.5%
    • Little Red One (Fellowship) sour ale with currants, 5.6%
    • Melange a Trois (Fellowship) Barrel-aged brett bruin ale, 6.5%
    • Mistral dry saison aged in reisling barrels and bottle-conditioned, 6%
    • Kriek (Fellowship) lambic-style ale with BC Cherries, 6%
  • Stillwell Brewing (NS)

    • Merryweather blended mature farmhouse ale with wild rosehips & blue juniper
    • Poptones barrel-aged farmhouse pale ale, 5.4%
  • Temporal Artisan Ales (BC)

    • Apparent Horizon a blend of mixed fermentation ales from merlot and chardonnay barrels, 5.7%
    • Infinite Possibilities a brett-forward blend of ales aged in wine barrels, 6.1%
    • Mirror Symmetry a blend of mixed fermentation ales aged in merlot and bourbon barrels, 6.3%
    • Ruby Continuum a blend of mixed fermentation ales in wine and tawny porto barrels conditioned on raspberry and tayberry, 6.5%
  • Gueuzerie Tilquin (BE)

    • Gueuze (Draft) spontaneous-fermented blend of 1 and 2 year old lambics, fermented and aged in oak barrels, 4.8%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • Les Trois Mousquetaires (QC)

    • Sour Citra generously dry-hopped sour ale, 5.2%
    • Pouring at:
    • Untapped Craft Supply
  • Txotx Imports (BC)

    • Pouring:
    • Sidrería Bereziartua
    • Graft Cider
    • Larraldea
    • Quebrada del Chucao
  • Twin Island Cider (BC)

    • Forage Fine Perry 7 month aged blend of wild seedling pears, Louise Bonne de Jerseys from Pender Island, and traditional perry pears from Samuel Island with both wild and white wine yeasts, 7%
    • Hedgerow Wild fermented dry cider matured on blackberries and Damson plums picked from the hedgerows of Pender Island, 7%
    • Old Growth Dry wild fermented 2017 harvest blend of over twenty different heirloom apple varieties from Pender and Saturna Islands, 7%
  • Twin Sails Brewing (BC)

    • …As If (Brett) dry-hopped sour aged with brett, collaboration with Field House (BC), 7.5%
    • Just the Horns tart table saison with plum and Lactobacillus Plantarum, 3.9%
    • Patio Lanterns American wild ale with passionfruit and peach, 6.9%
    • This Could've Been Us heavily-fruited raspberry wild ale in collaboration with Coalesce (BC), 5.8%
  • Untapped Craft Supply (BC)

    • Pouring:
    • Blood Brothers
    • Boneyard
    • Crux
    • Dieu du Ciel
    • Dunham
    • Halcyon
    • Les Trois Mousquetaires
  • Upright Brewing (OR)

    • Petite Pale 100% mecca grade malt, Orval yeast, and whole leaf mandarina, collaboration with Migration Brewing (OR), 4%
    • Saison Vert open fermented saison with black limes, 6.5%
    • Ostinato young, lemongrass saison blended with Saison Vert and Pathways Saison, both matured in local vermouth barrels, 6.5%
    • Pouring at:
    • Copper & Theory
  • t' Verzet (BE)

    • Oak Leaf Oud Bruin one year oak barrel-aged Flemish oud bruin infused with oak leaves, 6%
    • Vineyard Oud Bruin classic Flemish oud bruin infused with grapes, 6%
    • Pouring at:
    • Westbier Imports
  • Westbier Imports (BC)

    • Pouring:
    • Brekeriet
    • Verzet
  • Wild Beer Co. (UK)

    • Modus Operandi wild transformation of an old English dark ale, 7%
    • Ninkasi wild saison with New Zealand hops and Somerset apple juice with a secondary champagne yeast fermentation, 9%
    • Sleeping Lemons sour wheat beer with salt-preserved lemons, 3.6%
    • Pouring at:
    • Collective Arts
  • Windfall Cider (BC)

    • Jackpot dry cider with premium BC dessert apples, 7%
    • Lost and Found mixed-culture saison yeast with East Vancouver-foraged apples, 7.6%
    • Higher Education six month brett-aged cider, 7%

UBC Farm - 3461 Ross Drive

The surroundings at Farmhouse Festival are an important part of the event, and hosting it on UBC’s 24 hectar model farm completes the atmosphere. UBC is accessible from central Vancouver and just so happens to have one on campus. The UBC Farm is located on the south end of UBC’s main Point Grey campus.

The farm’s field is a large, grassy area surrounded by evergreens within arms length of a sustainable working farm. We encourage you to bring a blanket, and spread out on the grass or in the small apple orchard to enjoy your afternoon. There will also be multiple covered seating areas if you’d like some shade.

Designated Drivers

Designated Driver tickets are a fraction of the price. Be cool and make sure your friends get home safe.

Taking Transit

Route C18 & C20 service the UBC Farm gate every 30 minutes, taking you to the UBC Loop, where connections are available to a wide array of bus routes.


The UBC Farm website has information on cycling to the venue. Limited bike racks are available, but please be safe and plan to leave your bike overnight if you intend to drink.

Car Sharing

Car2Go and Evo are a great way to get to the UBC Farm in the morning, but UBC has strict parking restrictions on each that should be heeded; cars parked out of designated zones will be towed.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, fire us an email at We’ll try to turn around an answer in a reasonably quick time frame, but bear with us if it takes a bit longer because we're a small crew. You can also reach us on Facebook and Twitter.


Please include “MEDIA” in your subject line, and send an email to Note that media passes are extremely limited.


There will be limited opportunity to volunteer at Farmhouse Fest. If you’re interested, include “VOLUNTEER” in your subject and send an email to telling us why you're awesome. Preference will be given to those with Serving It Right certification.


When is Farmhouse Fest

Saturday, July 7th 2018. 12pm - 6pm, early entry starts at 11am. Gates close at 5pm, last call is 5:30pm. The field must be cleared after 6pm.

How Much are Tickets?

Tickets are now sold out but a small amount have been held back for breweries. To claim yours if we release those, get on the waitlist here. All ticket sales are final.

What do I get with my ticket?

  • Entry, naturally
  • A stylish tasting glass
  • 5 tokens (4oz pour per token), or 10 tokens with Early Admission

Do I need to bring my ticket?

Yes, please bring your EventBrite ticket as a PDF or in Passbook. (You can print it out too, but try to save paper if possible.) We will be scanning your ticket for entry. Those without tickets and valid government-issued photo ID will not be granted entry.

How much are additional tokens?

$10 will get you 6 tokens, good for a 4oz pour each. Every beer or cider we pour will cost a single token. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac Flash, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and good old cash for token sales.

Can I ask for a refund on a ticket I bought?

Sorry, no. All ticket sales are final. If circumstances have changed and you're unable to attend, we will honour tickets that have been transferred.

Will there be food?

Absolutely, there will be multiple food options offering great selection for vegetarians and omnivores alike, full lineup to be announced soon. You may carry in sealed or empty water bottles and small food items.

Will there be non-alcoholic options?

Aside from plentiful water, we're working on other tasty non-alcoholic options this year.

Will there be gluten-free options?

Drink-wise, there will be plenty of cider options this year along with sodas. As we announce our food lineup, please consult their menus.

Will there be bathrooms and hand wash stations?

Of course. We'll be increasing the number of washrooms this year.

Will there be ATMs?

No. Tokens will be available for purchase by credit card and Interac, and most of the food trucks will be able to accept credit cards. If you would rather deal with cash, please bring enough to cover your day.

Can I smoke at Farmhouse Fest?

UBC Farm is a strict no smoking venue. If you do feel the need to light up, please use the designated smoking area outside the venue, and dispose of your used cigarette butts in the provided bins.

Is there a code of conduct?

Farmhouse Fest promotes a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone involved. Harassment & abuse of any kind whether verbal or physical will result in immediate ejection from the festival without refund.

Where is Farmhouse Fest being held?

At the UBC Farm - 3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Which bus do I take to get there?

Get to the UBC Loop however you can (99 B-Line, 25, 33, 41, 49, etc), then take shuttle C20, which runs every 30 minutes and will drop you off at the gates of the UBC Farm. Or get off at UBC Loop Bay 8; walk 0.61 kms south on West 16th, turn left at the first street East Mall; right onto Ross Drive.

Is there parking?

There isn't much. We would really prefer that you take public transit anyway. If you take a Car2Go or Evo in, please ensure you park in an approved zone as parking at UBC is somewhat complicated for these two services, and you will be towed if you park outside of an approved zone.

Can I bring my kids? Dogs?

This is a licensed 19+ event. The farm offers limited space which we'd prefer to maximize for attendees, and animals aren't permitted on the farm. So unfortunately, no to both kids and dogs.

Are there in & out privileges?

Yes. Your wristband allows you to come and go from the Fest as you please. But it must be on your wrist to get back in. And we’d hope this goes without saying, but you are not allowed to enter or exit the venue with open alcohol.

Will there be tickets available at the door?

No, sorry.

What happens if it rains?

Farmhouse Fest will proceed rain or shine. In addition to plentiful open air seating, plenty of covered seating will be provided. If the weather looks uncertain, make sure to bring an umbrella and dress accordingly.

What do I do if I lose or break my glass?

The Farmhouse Fest glass is available for purchase at the merchandise booth.

Will there be first aid available?

St John Ambulance will be on-site near the entrance to the festival.

Who's running this thing?

Your friendly neighbourhood organizing crew consists of Jonathan Evans (@jonnybeers), Dave Shea (@mezzoblue), and Matt Kump (@kump).

Can I be in a promo photo?

By entering the field, you consent to your voice, name, and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in photos and videos for use in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, for eternity, and you release Farmhouse Fest and its directors, successors, assigns and licensees from any liability whatsoever of any nature. Whew, thanks for making it this far. We only want to use great photos for promoting future events, but our lawyer made us include all the rest.

Participating Breweries, Cideries, & Importers